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Word To Go / Sheet To Go / Slideshow To Go
Microsoft® Word, Excel®* & PowerPoint® for Windows® (97, 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010) support
Microsoft® Word, Excel®* & PowerPoint® for Macintosh® (98, 2001, 2004 & 2008) support
Adobe® PDF support
Open & send attachments via Gmail and other e-mail applications (including RoadSync)
Open side-loaded documents (via media card or USB connection)
Hardware features (trackball, touch-screen, QWERTY) support
Keypad shortcuts (shift+hold to select text and cell ranges)
Rich file viewing (text & cell formatting, graphics, tables, zoom, alignment, bullets & numbers, etc.)
Rich file editing (edit and select text, cut/copy/paste, undo/redo, save/save as, send, etc.)
Create new Word, Excel® & PowerPoint® files
Open password-protected files (Word 97-2004 & Excel® 97-2004, Adobe® PDF)
NEW! 'Live Folder' for quick access to recently used documents
NEW! Contextual menus for improved navigation and editing
Improved! Scrolling, text selection and use of the on-screen keyboard
Word To Go
Advanced character/font formatting (change font size and type, effects, etc.)
Advanced paragraph formatting (change spacing, alignment, indents, etc.)
View Track changes
View footnotes and endnotes
Insert and edit bookmarks, comments, hyperlinks, page breaks
Insert and delete tables and rows
Insert and edit auto bullets & numbers
Go to...(top, bottom, bookmark)
NEW! Word Count
NEW! Find & Replace
Sheet To Go
Insert and edit 111 functions (financial, date & time, math & trig, statistical, etc.)
Insert and delete rows, columns and worksheets
Hide and unhide rows and columns, auto-fit columns, freeze panes
Insert and edit comments
Apply cell formatting
Sort data
Go to...(cell, home, end)
NEW! Find & replace
NEW! Format number and format sheet
NEW! Adjust row height and column width
NEW! View and update charts
Slideshow To Go
NEW! Rich viewing of slides, text and graphics
NEW! "Flick" navigation in Slide View
NEW! Mulktiple zoom options
NEW! Outline view with speaker notes
NEW! Edit text
NEW! Increase and decrease indent
NEW! Insert, duplicate, reorder and delete slides
NEW! Insert bullets (promote and demote bullets)
NEW! Go to slide
NEW! Find & replace
NEW! Adobe PDF support
NEW! Open password-protected PDF files and attachments
NEW! Open RC4 and AES encrypted PDF files and attachments
NEW! Page layout and Word Wrap modes
NEW! Multiple zoom options
NEW! Search
NEW! Select and copy text
NEW! View Bookmarks
NEW! Go To Page