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DataViz(R), Inc. Releases Documents To Go(R) Premium Edition Version 6
New Version Offers Native Microsoft(R) Word and Excel Support, Password Protection, Spell-Check, Word Count, and More

9/15/03 -- Milford, Conn. -- DataViz, Inc. announced that Documents To Go Premium Edition version 6 is now available. Documents To Go now offers native file support for Microsoft(R) Word and Excel documents, which gives users the flexibility of using files whether they come via wireless e-mail, are transferred from an SD card, or are synchronized from a computer. Other new features include a new user interface on the desktop and handheld, the ability to use password-protected files, and language tools such as spell-check and word count.

Since its introduction in 1999, Documents To Go has been and continues to be the #1 selling Palm OS(R) office suite as measured by market research firm NPD Intelect. In addition, Documents To Go has been selected as an in-box partner by leading Palm OS handheld manufacturers such as AlphaSmart, Garmin, Palm, and Sony.

Why is Native Document Support Important?
Before native document support, the Documents To Go desktop application converted Microsoft Office files to a special handheld format that Documents To Go could open. Then the files were synchronized to the handheld. With native support, transferring and opening files gets even easier. Here are some examples where native file support is useful:

*Easily share files in a "mixed" environment. For example, you can use your Secure Digital (SD) card as a modern day "floppy disk" to exchange files between a Palm handheld and a PocketPC simply by swapping SD cards loaded with Word and Excel files. You can even use the same SD card to upload handheld files to any computer with an SD slot or card reader. There is no need to have Documents To Go installed on that desktop computer.

*Use Documents To Go along with popular wireless e-mail applications such as VersaMail to receive, edit, and send real Word and Excel files as e-mail attachments. Documents To Go can automatically open your attachments on the handheld itself so you can view and edit documents you receive. Edit any Word or Excel file in Documents To Go on your handheld, send them off as an e-mail attachment, and they will arrive at their destination as real Word or Excel files.

Other New Features in Documents To Go Premium Edition 6
In addition to native document support, several other new features are offered in Documents To Go Premium Edition 6. These include:
*Password protection: Now, password protected Word and Excel documents can be used in Documents To Go, allowing users to carry potentially sensitive information with them and safeguard it on the handheld.
*Spell-check and word count: Spell-check is now available on the handheld, so users can confidently share handheld files without first reviewing them on a desktop computer. Documents To Go includes the following spell-check dictionaries: US English, UK English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The appropriate dictionary is installed based on the language in which Documents To Go is installed.
*Enhanced expansion card support: Users can add files directly to expansion cards, and use categories on expansion cards.
*Updated desktop and handheld user interface: The new interface facilitates adding files and changing file formats. For example, a file can be set to be synchronized as a  Word or Excel file so it can be easily e-mailed or shared, as a Word To Go or Sheet To Go document to optimize size, or set to Margi's-Presenter-to-Go format for projecting (Margi Presenter-to-Go hardware and software required). In addition, Documents To Go now offers selective sync so that the user can quickly synchronize just the one or two documents that need updating.
*Inbox To Go (formerly DataViz Mail):  Inbox To Go synchronizes e-mail with attachments. Now users can synchronize attachments in native Word and Excel format to make sharing files easy or choose optimized Documents To Go formats to save space on the handheld.

Pricing and Availability
Documents To Go Premium Edition version 6 is available immediately from and will be available by October 1 in office supply and computer retailers such as Best Buy, CompUSA, and Office Depot, as well as from online sites such as Amazon, Handango, and PalmGear. The suggested retail price is $49.95.

Upgrade pricing of $29.95 is available for all previous Documents To Go customers, including customers who received Documents To Go as bundled software with Palm or Sony Clie handhelds.

System Requirements
Documents To Go Premium Edition version 6 works with Windows and Macintosh computers. It can be installed on Palm OS handhelds running OS 3.5 or higher.

About DataViz
DataViz is the industry leader and standard for productivity software for the handheld device market, as well as Windows and Macintosh cross platform compatibility software. DataViz products have been on bestseller lists since 1984; Documents To Go®, which allows customers to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint® files on Palm OS handhelds, is currently the number one selling Palm OS business software (NPD Intelect). In addition, DataViz has developed strategic partnerships with Palm, Inc., Sony Corp., Apple®, Microsoft®, and other industry leaders. Frequent media fanfare, both domestic and abroad, reflects the worldwide distribution and use of DataViz products. DataViz products are sold directly through DataViz as well as at major computer and office supply retailers and through distributors in the United States and throughout the world.


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