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About DataViz

Office Mobility without Compromise  Helping the Enterprise Go Wireless

Our Company

DataViz® is an industry leader in developing and marketing Office compatibility and productivity solutions across a variety of platforms including Apple iPhone, Android™, BlackBerry® and Symbian OS. Founded in 1984, DataViz began its business developing file conversion software and has since expanded to providing solutions that meet the increasing demands of the mobile markets. With enterprise-grade solutions that include its award-winning mobile Office suite, Documents To Go®, and wireless Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® client, RoadSync®, DataViz is committed to developing premium solutions that mobilize ‘Microsoft Office’ without compromise and providing customers with instant access to critical files and business data. The most recent release of Passwords Plus has expanded its focus into more consumer driven solutions.

Strategic Partnerships

DataViz is committed to providing best-of-breed technology and high-quality products that benefit its own customers and those of its partners. This commitment has fueled its success in establishing licensing partnerships with software and hardware vendors, both large and small, in the desktop and mobile markets. Partners include Microsoft®, Sony Ericsson, Motorola®, RIM®, HP, Acer and other industry leaders.

Mobilizing the Enterprise

For nearly a decade now, DataViz has taken its experience in file compatibility and extended it to the mobile market. Its flagship solution, Documents To Go, encompasses the ability to create, synchronize, and edit word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files on a smartphone or tablet while retaining all the original file formatting with it's revolutionary InTact Technology™. Documents To Go also includes support for viewing native PDF files. The Documents To Go product line also includes support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as BlackBerry and Symbian OS based smartphones.

In 2005, DataViz made a commitment to bring wireless over-the-air synchronization of Microsoft Exchange e-mail, calendar, contacts and attachments to as many of the world's mobile phones as possible. That same year DataViz became the first software company to license the Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync® protocol. DataViz then created RoadSync, an Exchange ActiveSync client that provides non-Microsoft smartphones with secure, wireless and direct push synchronization of corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts and attachments. In addition to significantly enhancing end-user productivity, RoadSync lowers IT costs by providing an easy to implement mobile strategy which eliminates the need for middleware servers and subscription fees by maximizing an investment in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007. Roadsync is available for Android and S60 devices.

Finally, the most recent addition to the DataViz family of products is Passwords Plus. With version 2.0 of the product, support for both iOS and Windows PC platforms was added. Using 256-bit AES encryption, Passwords Plus is a secure place to keep all confidential data from passwords and pins to bank account information to credit card numbers. It also synchronizes all of this data to a secure cloud server, allowing all devices to contain the same information at all times.