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Company Overview

DataViz is an industry leader in developing mobile office and productivity solutions across a variety of platforms including Apple Dataviz buildingiOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows®, and Mac.

Founded in 1984, DataViz began its business developing file conversion software and has since expanded its expertise to providing solutions that meet the increasing demands of mobile markets.

With enterprise-grade solutions that include its award-winning and #1 selling mobile Office suite, Documents To Go, DataViz is committed to providing premium solutions that mobilize ‘Microsoft Office’ without compromise and provide customers with instant access to critical files and business data.

The addition of Passwords Plus has brought DataViz into the consumer market with a much needed solution for securely storing passwords, PINs, and other confidential data. The secure cloud feature stems from years of knowledge in synchronizing data across platforms and separates this solution from other, less robust products.

In June 2014, DataViz acquired, a powerful cloud-based hiring solution designed to make it easy and affordable to find, vet and hire top candidates in any field. With the combination of CandidateBroker's top of the line hiring solution and DataViz's history of success, an exciting future lies ahead for this new addition to the DataViz product family.

DataViz partners include Microsoft®, Motorola®, BlackBerry, Samsung, Sharp®, and other industry leaders.


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