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Passwords Plus | Password Manager for | iOS | Android | Mac | Windows
Passwords Plus
Passwords Plus
Store, Protect, & Sync
Pins, Logins, Passwords & More.

Keep passwords organized, secure, & accessible - no matter where you are. For: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Avoid the security risks that come with using simple passwords or the same password for multiple websites! Passwords Plus stores and protects PINs, passwords and other sensitive information while providing automatic synchronization of this data between your multiple computers/devices. Free trials available for all platforms - experience full sync functionality before you buy!

The new Passwords Plus 3.0 features free editing, storing, and creating of up to 25 passwords for 60 days. After the 60-day trial period, users may continue to securely access all previously entered passwords. Those needing more storage capacity for additional passwords can upgrade to the paid, licensed version of Passwords Plus, which includes unlimited passwords, editing, data backup and restore.

Watch Passwords Plus in action below.


Choose one Master Password to open Passwords Plus. This is used to lock your information with Military grade 256 bit encryption.
Security Screen


Enter all the pertinent information for your web logins, credit card numbers, bank accounts - or any other sensitive data. Select/create your own categories to organize your records. For faster retrieval, mark records as favorites or search by keyword.
Records Screen


The Auto Lock feature will set Passwords Plus to lock after a designated time period. That way, if your phone is lost or stolen, no one can retrieve your data. You can also choose the "Self Destruct" feature which will clear your data after a set number of unsuccessful login attempts.
Auto-Lock Screen

Custom Entry 

Automatically generate passwords to avoid using "obvious" or duplicate ones.
Custom Entry Screen
For Mobile
Enter your information once and see it on all your devices.

Passwords Plus is available as a free trial for iOS & Android smartphones & tablets. You can enter up to 25 passwords on your phone and sync them with your desktop computer.

Since most of us are never far from our phone, it is easy to enter in pertinent information no matter where we are. In addition to passwords, things like driver's license number, credit card numbers and other handy information can always be with us in a secure, easily searchable app.

After entering your passwords into either your mobile device or computer, our SamePage Technology synchronizes your data with our secure cloud server. This enables you to always have the same information in Passwords Plus on all of your devices. Your encrypted database resides on a secure cloud server - so it's completely safe.

System Requirements
iOS v7.0 or higher
Android OS v2.3 or higher
Download / Purchase
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Available At Amazon App Store for Android
For Desktop
Easily enter hundreds of passwords, logins, etc onto your Mac or PC.

It's not hard to accumulate hundreds of passwords, log ins and other sensitive information over the years. Accessing this information from your phone is great, but entering it is that much easier on your computer. With versions for both Mac and Windows, we make the entry of this information simple.
Passwords Plus SamePage Technology
System Requirements
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP
OS 10.9 or higher; 64 bit required
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Download On The Mac App Store
Microsoft Windows
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