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Documents To Go Featuring InTact Technology

Today’s smartphones are smaller, lighter and more powerful. Many of them can handle tasks that a desktop or laptop computer only could just a few years ago: surf the web, play music and video, get your email and of course, support Word, Excel and PowerPoint file. As smartphones become "smarter" and our world becomes more wireless, many of us are becoming less dependent on our desktop and laptop computers.

One thing that doesn't change is our need to use and share documents and data no matter where. However, when it comes to complex Office documents, even today’s more powerful smartphones have problems supporting them fully. One obvious reason why is screen sizes on smartphones are still limited, so showing all the complex formatting and layout of your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files may not be the most practical nor useful.

Because of this, making sure the complex formatting and layout of your original desktop documents are maintained, once they've been edited on the smartphone, becomes all the more important. This is why InTact Technology was developed and built into Documents To Go. By making sure that your desktop documents and the formatting associated with them are always kept to their original form, you can be completely confident in using your files on your smartphone and never have to worry whether the original has been compromised.

Below is an illustration of how InTact Technology works.


DataViz InTact Technology enables users to start with a Microsoft Word document (1),
edit it on their device (2 and 3), save it and send it to another user (4)
without losing any of the original formatting.